Study SMARTER, NOT Harder: Strategies for Effective Learning Workshop

Jonathan Sherman knows how to overcome bad grades! Many people who know Jonathan are surprised to learn that he struggled in school with undiagnosed ADHD. On his own he “unlocked the code” on how to move from from D’s to the Honor Roll.

He learned effective study skills based on his learning style to get great grades, how to make study more fun where possible, and at least shorter and/or more effective when he couldn’t. While he did it on his own he sure wished he had learned all of these tips, methods, insights and strategies a lot earlier.

He found that the same struggles he had are common to many kids who also struggle in school. He has worked in the schools helping students, parents, teachers, and administrators get the most from their students. He taught “delinquent” and substance abusing youth how to “work the system” and succeed where others had written them off.

Too many smart kids have learned they are “dumb”, “lazy” and aren’t good students. That makes me mad. They are told to “just study harder” but not told how to study in ways that actually learn for them. This class teaches kids (and adults) how to have fun learning, be encouraged and empowered to learn and thus gain confidence and success in whatever they learn at school and later college, at church, at work and in life. Woo hoo! Learning is fun again!

Specifically for teens, this workshop is open to all: Parents, grandparents, teens, and even 5th and 6th graders are welcome.


  • Review effective learning/teahing from their experience
  • Banish Learning Killers & Discouragers
  • Ownership:
  • —Learning Ownership: “If You’re Bored You’re Boring” Concept. What is the boring teacher/experience giving me the opportunity to learn beyond the lesson?
  • —Teaching Ownership: “There are no bad students only bad teachers” Concept
  • Learning Styles: Focused and Wandering
  • “ADHD” Learning Styles Story
  • How to Get a Geographical Proximity Grade Raise
  • Retention and Time: How to Get 3 Times the Learning in 1/2 the Time!
  • Em’s Music Theory Test Story: Good learning is fun, encouraging and goes faster.
  • Linear and Circular Learning
  • Image-based Flash Cards (we learned pictures before words…)
  • Mind-mapping, Brain Dumps & Brain Storms
  • Life-long Love of Learning

Length: 60-90 min.

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